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 What are Cleanrooms?


A cleanroom is a specially controlled environment that significantly reduces the entry and presence of particles and fine dust through a highly effective air filtration system. These work environments are essential for numerous industries where even the smallest contaminations can impact product quality.


 Key Parameters of a Cleanroom:


– Temperature: Controlled to ensure stable conditions.

– Humidity: Regulated to create optimal production conditions.

– Pressure: Adjusted to control airflow and keep contaminants out.


 Structural Requirements for Cleanrooms


To maintain the integrity of a cleanroom, certain structural standards must be met:


– Materials: Should not shed particles.

– Surfaces: Must be smooth and easy to clean.

– Joints: Rounded edges to minimize particle buildup.

– Sockets, Door, and Window Frames: Should be flush with the walls (flush-mounted).

– Pipes: Should be laid outside the cleanroom.


A central element is the air purification system, which prevents the entry of microorganisms and dust and ensures the sterility of the environment.


 Handling Cleanrooms


The main sources of contamination in cleanrooms are:


– Production processes and machines: Must be regularly maintained and cleaned.

– Employees: Can release millions of particles through movement.


Training and Clothing: Employees must be carefully trained and put on sterilized or disposable clothing in special changing rooms to avoid contamination.


 Guidelines for Cleanrooms


The UNI EN 14644 standard sets the standards for cleanrooms. It defines the permissible number and concentration of particles in the air volume and classifies cleanrooms from ISO Class 1 (highest purity) to ISO Class 9. Measurements are taken in different states:


– As built: After construction but before use.

– At rest: In operation but without personnel.

– Operational: During operation with personnel.


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Annex 1 describes the requirements for procedures, methods, and management to ensure quality in the production of sterile products.


 Why Invest in Cleanrooms?


Cleanrooms are not only essential in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries but are also increasingly used in:


– Food Industry

– Optical Industry

– Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

– Aerospace

– Injection Molding Technology

– Research Institutes


With the increasing demand for high-tech and precise production processes, cleanrooms enable the fulfillment of strict quality standards and improve productivity and employee well-being.


 Clear Move Building Cleaning: Your Partner for Cleanroom Cleaning


At Clear Move Building Cleaning, we offer comprehensive services for the cleaning and maintenance of cleanrooms. Our specially trained staff ensure that your cleanroom meets the highest standards. Our service includes:


– Regular Cleaning: To maintain the cleanliness class of your cleanroom.

– Maintenance of the Air Purification System: Ensuring a constant, sterile environment.

– Staff Training: Efficient procedures to minimize contamination.


Our extensive experience and professional approach make us a reliable partner for cleanroom cleaning in Frankfurt am Main.


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